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Arna Electric Auto has successfully started its business in June 2016 owing to the offered elevated quality array of Special Purpose Battery Operated Electric Rickshaw.

We believe in carrying the business with updated work methodologies and accomplish our goals with holistic approach and strategic planning. Arna has its Unit located at Alwar, Rajasthan where we have state of the art infrastructure to meet customer demands apart from high volumes.

We are starting with a clean slate, and are more able to tackle challenges such as battery range with a novel, uninhibited approach. Instead of attempting to retrofit existing products and outmoded practices to the task at hand, we face it head on with original concepts and new technologies. Every element is reimagined from the ground up to solve existing problems at their core – and develop new innovations not previously imagined and help creating pave way for clean mobility & sustainable mobility solution. We are well equipped with modern machines for manufacturing and testing our Products. We have introduced best-in-class electric automotive technologies in India –in terms of efficiency as well as user comfort and convenience. We work with passion of driving the business at pace and set new benchmarks in all fields of business.

Our Values

MISSION: To deliver exceptional quality, impeccable customer service which drive results. It’s our commitment to quality that helps us to provide you with competitive pricing.

VISION: Our vision is to make the environment pollution free contributing to healthy living conditions and evolution.

Our Products

Arna - 100

A state of art, innovative 5-Seater battery operated passenger e-rickshaw that can be recharged with normal household power supply. It is a low maintenance, low running cost, eco-friendly and non-polluting product and is best suited for last mile connectivity of passengers.

The beauty of this product is that it caters to highly sensitive zones like Zoos, Exhibitions ground, Amusement parks, Farms, Industrial area, University/colleges institutes, National parks, Hospitals, super/ hyper markets, etc

Features include


What we offer


High performance, Low Maintainence


Love to nature


We provide excellent service facilities


Save ecosystem, go green with our eco-friendly E-rickshaws!


E-Rickshaw Certified by ICAT


We also provide spare parts in case you need one.

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A-512, Transport Nagar, Alwar (Rajasthan)

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